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When did you STOP glowing?

Think back to a moment in time....

When all worries, stresses, anxiety, fears, and the burden of unmet expectations were far off in the distance.

All you embrace and know is the moment that you were in.

Peace. Ease. Softness

Maybe you might have been dancing in the flowery fields, smelling each flower and noticing every little bug creature, only blissfully aware of your most precious dreams.

.... What happens in your body as you remember this moment of bliss?

.... What sensations can you feel in your body?

It is all too easy I know to be sucked back into the vortex of our life. Firstly, I imagine you are probably wondering how you even have the time to read another blog post? Yes... if you have made it this far... I am proud of you and I appreciate you!

So where were we....

Can you remember when you began to forget? Can you remember when you didn't take life so seriously, and all you focused on was the BEINGness of you?

As the talented, successful, insightful, driven, and devoted WOMAN that you are, I imagine that you stepped into life with a sense of your purpose. You have carried all of the responsibilities, accountabilities, and duties or roles.... of your life.... maybe as a mother ..... and a loving partner.


I share a little of my story...

I loved being a mother. a wife. I really did. The nurturing parts of me were in their glory... holding babies, preparing nutritious meals that filled our bellies, and my most favorite ... the bedtime / bath time routine. mmmmmm.... I can smell the sweetness right now.

And then life got busy.

Work. Career. School. and all the good stuff... and maybe throw in some unknown childhood attachment wounds that begin to acknowledge themselves into the depths of the marriage.

Life took me for a tumble.

It would take me till I was early 30's before I realized that something had gone astray.

My light had dimmed, and all I could see was the darkness.

The darkness in all her consuming was taking me to places that I needed in order to find my light again.

What I learned, amongst the many lessons and miracles, was everything that we seek.....


The light, the GLOW, the RADIANCE... is there. In you too.

There is a beautiful story that was shared to me by my Cree mentor and human spirit guide, about the animals and Creator gathering together to discuss the emerging of Humans that were about to be introduced to life on earth.

The meeting was taking place to gather input from all animals that made up our earth about the Humans and what it would look like.

Creator stood before the animal kingdom and began the dialogue of where the LIGHT of the Humans should be kept. For the LIGHT was the most sacred of all.

The love was so revered, that Creator had wanted to include the animals, as they were the brothers and sisters to the new Humans.

Through many shared ideas from the whales and the spirit birds to the littlest of chipmunks..... from the deepest depths of the ocean, to the highest mountains.....

The wise little chipmunk.... spoke to Creator with reverence.

It was then, that the LIGHT of our divinity. Our Sacred connection to our Creator, would be placed safely within the Human heart.

And it is true..... for the stories have shared...


Our longest journey is from our head to our heart.

My wish for you, is to find a moment.... find a day... commit to week... or step into a new way of being...

And remember your GLOW.

Light up your RADIANCE.

That LIGHT is your divine right to illuminate.

When you GLOW.... your life GLOWS.

Much Love,


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