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So maybe wondering what are the next steps?

I want to get to know you. When you book the first Awaken Call, I will send you an application. Please fill out this application as much as you feel comfortable. The answers you provide will guide our call to ensure we are speaking directly about what you are looking for.

It is during this Awaken Call I will listen, and ask questions about what you need and would like to see for yourself. This will help understand what would be most supportive. 

Awaken Call Conversation (30 - 45 minute Zoom Call)

1. Support & Guidance for a better understanding of your own desires, goals, and needs.

2. Clarity for you and me: Does this partnership have potential for your best and highest good? What would this co-creative partnership look like?

3. Guidance for Next Steps. Including any referrals, if I am not the coach for you.

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