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Certified Life Coach | Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner (in training)
200hr YTT | NLP Basic Practitioner Certification

I am an adventurer, nature lover, dog and kiddo mama to two amazing young men. I am wild at heart with a fierce love of personal growth and the rising of our consciousness. 

I'm devoted to participating in this experience of life in grace as I journey my way back to my own heart and soul. In the moments of pure bliss, I am astounded by the awe and reverence of being alive.

Originating from Northern BC, I am an Indigenous Woman from Treaty 8 Territory. I hold sacred the connection to my Ancestors and our Mother Earth.

I'm committed to supporting others in illuminating their intrinsic wisdom to excavate through the blocks that limit them from living a life of fulfillment and joy.

Bringing a sense of safety to our systems, moving out of survival, we learn to thrive from a sense of our wholeness and empowerment. We realize that we always were. Our connection to ourselves, our body, and our BEING is the foundation for living a glowing life.

We are all in the prelude to living an extraordinary life, and I am in deep devotion to igniting the flame within all of us. Raise the radiance within us, and live a glowing life of love, kindness, generosity, sovereignty, and connection.    

When our flames are burning strong, we create a positive impact.

We create the change that we wish to see.

Are you ready to GLOW?

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I merge my knowledge from                      (the work of Ben Wong and Jock McKeen),                                    (Rhodes Wellness College) and most importantly                                         (the work of Peter Levine) as well as yoga and my learned skills and competencies.

Working with me, I see you as a whole person. All of the layers that make up the magnificent YOU! Our neurology, psychology and biology are intertwined like the weave of fabric. 

My work process is very intuitive and awareness based; working from the inside out, we focus on what we desire to embody and look at every aspect involved, bringing attention to the body as our window. Thus laying foundations that support you in creating a sense of safety as you transition out of the survival responses.

In addition, by integrating radical self-responsibility principles, learning to shift our perspectives and empowering ourselves in our choices, the work is a cohesive entity, contributing to the committed integration in between sessions.


Depending on the duration and time allotted,  you will guide each session with your desired goal-focused work or conversation focusing on your current experience. Movement and yoga are some somatic-based work that can be incorporated into the sessions.

Your body knows the way. We learn to move along the path from our mind to our heart and soul. 

It is a learning of shifting from the familiar reactive space to the effortless ease responsive empowered place.

Raise your radiance, and live a GLOWING life.



You will find me in NATURE daily.
My mini Aussie "RIGGS" is always by my side.
I grew up with Horses and learned to be a tough cowgirl
I can back up a 50' trailer like it's nobody's business!
I love trying new things.
I am the mother of two amazing sons - (ages 21/17)


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