It is in the illuminating of our highest potential within us that we begin to create miracles. Remembering Who We Are, we elevate our relationships, our work and our purpose.

Through self-compassionate inquiry, this deeply guided process awakens your awareness to the inner thoughts, patterns and beliefs that create inner chaos and disharmony in your physical, mental and emotional layers. We recognize our coping strategies and our potential locked in fear. We create the safest possible experience while navigating opportunities to shift our perspective and soften into our experiences, working to create the emotional resilience to begin the journey of rewriting our perspective.


Through anchoring in a profoundly safe container, guided exercises, practice and discussion, you will acquire the internal resources and resilience, and embody self-empowerment to actualize your innate inner joy and a deepening of your connection to self and spirit.



With Years of experience of coaching and mentorship, tracy has proven her dedication and commitment through the embodiment of her own wholeness and continued growth

It is understandable that seeking support can be vulnerable and personal. Working with a Life Coach can bring many insights, highlights and momentum into a desired life that you are wanting to create for yourself.

It is equally important to know that working with a coach is a co-creative partnership!


Our first call is FREE of charge. 

This provides you with an opportunity to connect. Ask questions and more importantly, know that you are provided with an absolute knowing that my offerings align with your desired outcomes.



Coaching has added to my life in ways that are hard to explain. It has shown me that my highest potential is mine for the taking, and that all of my answers on how to achieve it are inside of me. Somehow in their magical way, they know how to get you to see it. This woman has a gift for that. I've seen it. And honestly it's pretty fun

-Alicia / Artist


Certified life coach | Somatic Experiencing™ Practitioner (in training)
200hr ytt | nlp basic practitioner certification
With Years of experience of coaching and mentorship, tracy has proven her dedication and commitment through the embodiment of her own wholeness and continued growth

I am a Mother, a Daughter, a Sister and an Aunt. I am an Indigenous Woman from Northern BC ~ Sa Bay Gay Wa Dunne (People of the Muskeg). My Soul was on a mission in this life to transform the pain, the suffering, the traumas, and the challenges of the mind that I have experienced in this life, the many previous lives and intergenerational suffering before me. It was in this journey, I uncovered the Divine Warrior within me through many learnings, discoveries, experiences, mentors, guides and teachers. and now, Illuminating Women ready to awaken her Inner Truth, Peace, Wisdom and embody her Divine Wholeness. It is my deepest desire to connect others to their Divine Warrior within.



Offering personalized yoga via online or in person
intentional asana practice to integrate the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers 

The Journey Towards Wholeness Begins on the Path of Self Discovery.


It's not the destination, but how we live the journey

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